M5000 Methanol Plant

Petrochemical Industry
Trinidad & Tobago

The largest methanol plant in the world at its time

The success story of a winning team: in the eighties the idea arised of setting up the first privately owned methanol plant in Trinidad. If this plan was to be soundly executed  a general contractor had to be found who could undertake two key functions: the project management and the project development for the construction and financing of this large-scale industrial project. Ferrostaal has been  chosen because Ferrostaal provides the whole range of skills and know-how needed. In order to build the first plant on a financially sound foundation Ferrostaal  embarked together on new paths. Together with its partners Ferrostaal  developed a financing model highly specific to this sector - an innovative business concept that changed the traditional role of the general contractor in large-scale plant construction. This concept provided not only for the transfer of the turnkey plant to the new owner, but involved Ferrostaal  as investor and shareholder, accompanying the plant's economical operations over its whole lifetime. In the meantime Ferrostaal has  succeeded in implementing this participation model, e.g. for the construction of the world's largest methanol plant M5000 in Trinidad, whose size and extent proved a true challenge to us from the very outset.

Type of contractEPC
CustomerMethanol Holdings (Trinidad) Ltd. (MHTL)
Project5,000 MTPD methanol plant
Plant capacityover 5.400 tonnes/day (appr. 1,9 Mio. tonnes/year)
Plant siteTrinidad, Point Lisas, Industrial Estate
PartnersJM (incl Davy) (Technology and Engineering), Proman (Construction), MHTL (Customer)
Turnkey handover2005