Intelligent solutions for decentralised hybrid energy

Innovative, cost-effective and clean decentralised hybrid energy solutions that boost efficiency, safeguard energy supply and reduce costs

Due to rising energy fossil prices and the price reduction in renewables technologies, in many decentralised energy applications renewable energy is nowadays already a cost competitive solution. Thus, with hybrid energy systems fuel and O&M costs can be reduced significantly resulting in attractive payback times for the investment in renewable energy and integration.

Ferrostaal Smart Energy Solutions custom-design and implement individual decentralised energy solutions that combine conventional power generation methods (such as gas power plants, diesel power plants, etc.) with wind or solar energy.

Energy management system with hybrid storage technology

The unique combination of a sophisticated energy management system with a hybrid storage technology allows us to reach renewable penetrations of up to 100%, resulting in more savings of fuel consumption, O&M costs and CO² emissions. The hybrid energy storage that is based on a combination of high power density (super capacitor) and high energy density (battery) technologies gives us the ability to guaranty stable and reliable energy supply, reduce storage costs significantly, guarantee the most efficient use of the renewable energy and optimize the operation by avoiding expensive and harmful part load operations.

Ferrostaal has a wealth of international experience in implementing power plants around the globe (producing energy from gas and diesel-fired power plants, as well as from solar and wind energy). The experience of Ferrostaal in project management and execution together with the technological expertise of our partners and our worldwide presence means that we are able to provide the optimum solution while always being close to our customers. We can arrange comprehensive, individually-tailored financing plans, and our decentralised hybrid energy production solutions pay for themselves within just a few years.

Decentralised hybrid energy: Your benefits

Ferrostaal Smart Energy Solutions is specialised in the field of energy solutions for industrial clients that benefit from our hybrid smart energy solutions by:

  • Attractive payback times for the initial investment
  • Fuel and O&M savings
  • Individually tailored financing plans
  • Environmental friendly and sustainable energy
  • Safeguard long-term energy supply
  • Reduced life cycle costs
  • Improved system reliability